Zebra Escaped From Zoo

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A zebra escaped from the Seoul zoo and spent 3 hours hoofing around the capital city

  • Sero the zebra had a field day in Seoul after escaping from the zoo on Thursday.
  • It spent three hours hoofing around the city, running in and out of traffic and exploring the streets.
  • Sero was eventually tranquilized and taken back to the zoo in a truck.

A zebra had a field day in Seoul after escaping from the zoo and spending the afternoon exploring the city.

Sero, a two-year-old male zebra born in captivity, broke free from the Seoul Children’s Grand Park zoo on Thursday afternoon and took to the streets, the BBC reported.

Sero spent three hours galloping around the South Korean capital and poking its nose into garbage bins, much to the delight of people on social media.

A video of the gentle beast running in and out of traffic, posted by Reuters correspondent Hyunsu Yim, amassed over 245,000 views at press time. The clip showed the zebra running around stationary cars near a traffic light, and cantering down the road toward oncoming traffic.

Another video showed the zebra sprinting down a back alley, facing a dead end, and running back the way it came.

The zebra’s three precious hours of freedom ended abruptly when officials managed to corner it in a narrow alleyway, per Reuters.

After it was unconscious, officials wrapped Sero in a green net, hauled it onto a truck, and brought it back to the zoo.

Sero was in stable condition when checked by veterinarians on Thursday evening, Choi Ye-ra, an official at the Children’s Grand Park, told the Associated Press. Choi did not elaborate on how Sero managed to escape from the zoo.

The Seoul Facilities Corporation, which manages the Children’s Grand Park, did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.


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